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Doctoral School -


Ecole doctorale Physiologie, Physiopathologie et Thérapeutique
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 The Physiology and Physiopathology Doctoral School encompasses more than a hundred host groups for doctoral students (EAD, équipes d'accueilde doctorants) that are affiliated to research organisations recognised by INSERM, CNRS, INRA, CEA, and Universities.

The objective of the doctoral school is to enable each student to define his/her career development by training in physiology research and by additional training that will enhance his/her professional profile.
Today, one of the challenges of biology is integrating cellular and molecular concepts and approaches, within the study of the major functions that comprise physiology. Knowledge in molecular and cell biology has burgeoned in the last twenty years alongside the rapid development of high-performance tools for manipulating the genome (transgenesis, homologous recombination, viral vectors) and analysing its expression on a large scale (DNA chips), and for analysing the morphometry, electrophysiology and biochemistry of the cell.

The doctoral school is committed to promoting teaching and research clearly oriented towards understanding integrated functions and their misregulation at the scale of the organism.

The field of the doctoral school covers all the major integrated functions of the organism (cardiovascular, digestive, hydro-electrolytic, immunological, locomotory, metabolic, pulmonary, renal, and endocrine regulation) and their pathologies.

These are tackled with the latest tools to be applied in biology at the basic mechanistic level in the context of development, differentiation, proliferation and apoptosis, always aware of the need to integrate the knowledge acquired at the level of the function, the pathology and the organism.

- 12/11/09